Recreational Strategy

In our recreational strategy work, our team of planners work through a concept from feasibility to implementation.

We provide a thorough examination of all issues (environmental, cultural, social and economic) and assess the probability of project success. We give focus to the projects we work on, outline alternatives and identify new opportunities through the investigative process.

While we specialise in active recreation products like hiking, mountain bike and cycle tourism, our expertise covers other vitally important and relevant disciplines such as master planning, sports and recreational planning, tourism destination planning, commercial and retail planning and product design.

We systematically review and define existing and (more importantly) potential customer groups, their needs and preferences, their spending patterns and decision-making triggers. We work to understand relevant potential business and management models and associated project drivers.

The final key ingredient is our ability to work across the entire spectrum of recreation projects. With experience in economic analysis, business planning, tourism development, community engagement, land use planning, governance, architecture and detailed design, the AB&A team can deliver a streamlined, comprehensive and cohesive products.

Our services include:

• Feasibility Planning
• Economic Analysis
• Conceptual Planning
• Master Planning
• Ground Truthing
• Community Engagement
• Management Models
• Funding and Grant Writing
• Planning and Approvals
• Tourism Development and Business Planning
• Marketing
• Data Collection and analysis

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