Goulburn Mulwaree Shire

Goulburn Big Merino

Recreational Needs Assessment and Strategy

Anthony Burton & Associates in collaboration with Purdon Planning were engaged by the Goulburn Mulwaree Shire council to undertake the Goulburn Recreational Needs Assessment and Recreational Needs Strategy.

This review included an assessment of the current provision of recreational areas within the shire, the development of a series of recreational facility guiding principles for recreation facilities and the identification of viable locations of future facilities.

Demographic Analysis

A review and analysis of demographic data was undertaken, including projected population change, to identify the changing structure of age and gender cohorts. This information was mapped with analysis by district to show local spatial trends.

Community Consultation

Anthony Burton & Associates team with Purdon Planning developed a comprehensive consultation plan and stakeholder register allowing us to identify stakeholders and discuss facility and organisation operation, levels of patronage, opportunities for improvements in both capital works and maintenance.

Benefits and Costs

Anthony Burton & Associates team utilised the demographic analysis combined with benchmarking, tools including WHO HEAT and the community consultation determine the following for recreational facilities:

  • Health benefits
  • Economic costs
  • Environmental values

Identify Future Demands

The team used this information to:

  • Identify contemporary recreational trends and best practice.
  • Identify the future demands and spatial representation based on a best practice approach to provision of open space.
  • Prepare a cost-benefit analysis, leading to a monetised value of the health benefits of physical activity.
  • Identify estimates for the association of recreational facilities with the built environment and its impact on physical activity, and
  • Prepare a multi-cohort and multi-state proportional life table model that predicts changes in health-adjusted life years and health care costs as a function of changes in physical activity.

This work will allow Goulburn Mulwaree to gain an understanding the market place, and the potential products that can support and enhance the recreational needs of the community.