Community engagement is the tool to determine, understand and inform community expectations. We can organise and undertake an entire managed consultation process. Our consultation techniques are always undertaken in a manner that is consistent with the International Association for Public Participations Quality Assurance Standard in Community and Stakeholder Engagement.

We offer tailored engagement strategies that use the principals of Participatory Action Research in working with stakeholders. That is we acknowledge that research and action must be done ‘with’ the community not ‘on’ or ‘for’ the community and recognise that producing knowledge with others must be accessible and understandable to all those involved.

We use an iterative cycle of research, knowledge-sharing and refection with stakeholders to ensure community needs and concerns have a positive and appropriate influence on the projects’ direction and outcomes.

Engagement with the Traditional Owners

The Anthony Burton & Associates team sees the Traditional Owners as more than equal partners in our projects. We seek to engage with them through every step of our projects underpinned by the understanding that local knowledge is crucial to understanding the task in hand.

Our consultation process can include:

• qualitative interviews with key stakeholders,
• online surveys,
• facilitated community information sessions and/or workshops,
• management of written submissions
• as a facilitated media campaign.

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