Dr Lisa Alleva

Senior Associate

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Bachelor of Science (Honours)

Dr Lisa Alleva is a former research scientist with expertise in data analysis, statistics, modelling and planning. She is experienced in the development and implementation of evidence-based social policy; in undertaking analysis to inform social planning decisions; and in conducting research to understand and interrogate the status quo. Lisa has been a part-time Senior Associate with Anthony Burton & Associates since 2009 and has participated in the delivery of a range of successful projects, research papers and master plans.

Lisa began her career as a research scientist, working in research nationally and internationally on a broad range of projects including contributing to research that supported public policy development in response to the swine flu outbreak of 2009.

Lisa has also worked across the Non-Government sector, Territory and Federal government in social policy roles, including on strategic policy projects as well as undertaking on-the-ground planning and needs assessments to inform policy decisions. Lisa recently led data reform initiatives for the Federal Government.

Lisa’s enquiring mind and focused temperament means that she is able to work collaboratively with clients and stakeholders while ensuring that decisions are evidence-based and project appropriate.

Her unique and relevant skill sets include translation of technical information into simple language, translating research into policy, data analytics and demand modeling, and statistical analyses.

Lisa has written numerous successful grants, possesses excellent research and report-writing skills, and has a passion for stakeholder relationships with integrity and honesty.