Dr Anthony Burton


Doctor of Philosophy (PhD): Public Health, Urban Planning & Climate Change

Dr Anthony Burton is an urban, health, active travel and recreational planning specialist. He has specific expertise in active living, active transport, recreational planning, social impact assessment, economic feasibility, climate change and community consultation. 

Anthony has led the delivery of a number of successful recreational master plans, planning reviews and has published nationally and internationally. He works across the country on a broad range of projects ranging between statutory planning, active travel, active recreation, active living and community consultation.

Anthony led the review and the introduction of the Active Living Variation (Territory Plan Variation 348), and advised on Territory Plan Variation 357 (End of Trip Facilities) and Municipal Infrastructure Standards Part 05 Active Travel Facilities Design. He was a key advocate for the establishment of the ACT Active Travel Office. He has been professional member of numerous committees including the ACT Bicycle Advisory Group, the ACT Active Travel Advisory Group and the Vulnerable Road Users Advisory Group.

He has worked on numerous recreational planning studies and led trail master plans across the ACT and Victoria. He was a key designer and author of projects including the Canberra Centenary Trail, the Warburton Mountain Bike Master Plan and the National Arboretum Canberra Recreation Trails Plan among many others.

Anthony’s ability to talk with people and get to the heart of their concerns plays a vital role in his ability to assessing the social impact of a project and to plan for facilities that meet the needs of the community socially, economically, and spatially.